Why People Believe In Us

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Our motto

To make this world a happier, spiritually awakened place.

Our values

We, as a responsibly focused institution, are dedicated towards our cause of Vedic City and your contribution shall help us propagate the beauty of Vedic Living.

Our aim

We aim at building state of the art model of a Vedic City for a divinity filled human experience.

Birth of Vedic City

The Vedic City will be a living organism which will help the coming of human generations to experience, understand, and enrich their lives with the ancient techniques, proven to improve the existential human life.
The Vedic City will be that wake up call and will initiate some inward soul searching and understanding on the purpose of why we are here and what is expected of us.

Dwellings In Vedic City

The dwellings will follow ancient technologies with Natural ingredients like clay and lime having inherent strength for load bearing walls, columns, or laying under floors because it has a degree of flexibility.

The architecture ensures that the temperature inside is always maintained between 18-24 Deg C, waterproof and earthquake proof.

There is a detailed science involved in the entire design, structures build of these dwellings town planning has a lot of geography and geometry put at play to understand the movement of sun during the day and the entire year while encapsulating the wind movements.