About Us

The Vedic City will be a living organism which will help the coming of human generations to experience, understand, and enrich their lives with the ancient techniques, proven to improve the existential human life.
The Vedic City will be that wake up call and will initiate some inward soul searching and understanding on the purpose of why we are here and what is expected of us.

About The Founder

Rajput Bakul comes from a deep spiritual background, he wants to bring simplicity in a humane way to life.
Rajput Bakul has studied various cultures and religious philosophies.
His labour of love is in presenting the most appropriate financial solutions which can be translated into opportunities for closures. He has the relevant skills to build the appropriate synergies in all sectors of commerce and trade.
Rajput Bakul has conceptualized the Ancient Vedic way of living in a concept paper called the ‘Vedic City’ which can be integrated in all global cultures, which is a comprehensive process for the evolution and all aspects of human life.