The Learning Centre will follow the teachings & philosophies that have a deep understanding of the human life cycle and its connect with the cosmos.


The Milk Cradle - Providing care & nurturing for cows & buffaloes leading to milk products for the consumption of the residents.
The excreta is useful as renewable fuel in gas creating, fertilizer & soil enhancements.

Haldi & Honey

The Ayurvedic Spa –

It will ensure various treatments made out of only natural herbs and oils and which have been designed keeping in mind various ages, body tones & ailments to treat each individual correctly so that maximum benefit of the ritual/ massage undertaken.

Harit Kranti

Agriculture in Vedic City -

The fundamental principles of organic farming through the knowledge of Atharva Veda to enhance the crop quality by understanding the nature of plants, the functions of roots of the trees, twigs, flowers, leaves, and fruits.


The Theatre for Performing Arts

A School that implements Music, Dance & Arts for soul transformation by using these highly enriched art forms as a tool towards spiritual progression.

Mind Gym

The Mind Gym will be a specific school for sharpening the human intellect which makes us more receptive & cognizant in the real world

Para-Science Centre

Learning Centre for 22 most prevalent para sciences where you can have a first hand experience from the Masters & the Master of Masters.

Aryan Land

A theme park within Vedic City with the perspective of narrating Vedic stories by ways of amusement rides.
The various ancient characters have been sketched and patented which will be the highlight of the Theme Park.

Vipasana Center

The Meditation Centre is all about spirituality and inner engineering to understand the human strengths and seats of power to harness them to work in unison to achieve the ultimate resonance.

Pustak Sanghralay

The Library will have Art, History, Archaeology, Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Gemology, Spiritual Scriptures and their vast interpretation.
It will be associated with all the potential Universities & big libraries across the world.

Krida Bhavan

The Games Cauldron -

It will have a complete resource to teach, train and enjoy these old ancient games, which will enhance the living experience of an individual.
From indoor games to outdoor sports, some are now played internationally.

Ayurveda Retreat

The Wellness Centre will focus on an individual basis as a unique fingerprint that has a particular pattern of energy-an individual combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics.
These principles will be the rider of natural healing systems now familiar in the West having their roots in Ayurveda.