Electronics Engineer With Dynamic 20+ Years Of Experience In Media, Broadcasting Technology.
Pioneer In Vertical Farming and Huge Knowledge In Agriculture, Aquaculture, Finance and Media Technology.

Sid Bursten, Canada

Sid Bursten is an accomplished business consultant with decades of experience in IT, real estate, finance, advertising and PR.

Pratik Sharma, London

Pratik has been working the field organic agriculture looking at the modern methods and ancient techniques both.

Naveen Channan, Kenya

Naveen has been involved in industrial mining in east Africa. He is focused in the ecologically, organically friendly investments & businesses opportunities.

Dr. Richard Harren, Australia

Dr.Richard Harren from Australia has been actively involved in mining, oil and gas production, cattle raising and farming.

Miquel Vidal, Spain

Miquel Vidal from Barcelona has been active in the fiend of sports, business as well as tourism.

Vivek Pandoi, UAE

Vivek Pandoi is an expert in the field of finance and consultancy.

Manish Kumar Singh

Manish Kumar Singh is an Indian media television presenter, Programe producer and script writer. He worked with Top News Channels like India Tv ,News Nation, Sahara News Etc and he has 10 years experience of field Reporting.

Maradon Miller, Jamaica

Maradon Miller from Jamaica has been actively involved in Water Desallanation, Soil Regeneration, Organic Foods and Clean Energy.